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Cute Owl Squirrel Birch Tree Wall Stickers Personalized


Pattern: Plane Wall Sticker
Style: Modern
Classification: For Wall,Furniture Stickers,Floor Stickers,Window Stickers,Switch Panel Stickers
Specification: Single-piece Package
Material: Plastic
Theme: Animal



1. These wall decals would be a perfect finishing touch for your baby's nursery, kid's room or home decor.

2. These wall stickers can be easily applied or removed, leaving no residue to your walls.

3. All DIY decals are separated and the layout can be adjusted to fit your room.


Whats Included: 


1. 3 huge birch trees wall stickers

2. 2 owls

3. 3 squirrels

4. 4 birds

5. Custom name

6. Easy to follow instructions

7. FREE Test Decal for practicing before applying your actual wall decal




285cm wide x 254cm tall 

Birch tree size: 132cm wide x 254cm tall

                          88cm wide x 254cm tall

                          44cm wide x 254cm tall

Owls: 20cm wide x 25cm tall, 14cm wide x 18cm tall

Squirrels : 35cm wide x 25cm tall, 24cm wide x 23cm tall, 18cm wide x 33cm tall

Name : 53cm wide







Default Color: White ( Tree, Name,  Birds Wings ) , Green ( Leaves ) ,  Blush ( Owl Body and Squirrel  ), Teal ( Owl Body and Birds )

Please choose your COLORS here when you review and confirm your order:

1- Tree and Name : 

2 - Leaves:

3 - Owl Body and Squirrel:

3 - Owl Body and Birds: